I think my group did well, but we could’ve orginised better. So my rating is 3.5/5

Our orginisation wasn’t that great, but it’s good that we still got ourselves together.

I think that our activities were fun, and and our group work was average.

Altogether, the activity was fun and helpful.

i enjoyed helping everyone and making some things.

We could improve on orginising our activity a bit more. I think we helped everybody well.


I think that The Adventurers did well so I’d rate them a 4/5.

Thier orginisation was good as well and it was really fun. They didn’t show teamwork that much, but I could still see it when they were timing.

The activity as a whole was really fun, and I would definetley do it again. I think this group could improve on nothing, just show a bit more teamwork! This group orginised their activity well.

Feedback– The Adventurers as a group did really well, and I enjoyed the activity a lot. The only thing you could improve on next time is encourage more people when they’re strugglinng.

Group Challenge


1. What worked well?
I think that our teamwork worked well, even though it was an up and down experience.

2. What could you improve on?
I think that our group could improve on talking more, and telling eachother where to move.

3. What roles did people have?
I don’t think our group had any specific roles, but we all worked together.

4. Did you enjoy the activity? Why?
I enjoyed the activity because it taught me to not always say yes to ideas.

5. What skills/qualities did you need to complete this task?
We needed to have teamwork to complete the task (which we had).

Prime And Composites

A prime is a number that can only be divided by one or itself. A composite is a number that can be divided evenly.

We learned today in class what primes and cmposites are. We were give this grid to put into explain everything and colour different boxes deppending on if it was a composite or prime


What did you enjoy?

I enjoyed making the game altogether

What didn’t you like?

I disliked nothing

How do you use flappy code?

You use flappy code by getting the link underneath

Would you reccomend this to somebody?

Yes, i would reccomend this to somebody, if they like my wacky ideas!




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